• PTC 2021 ASIA

    PTC 2021 ASIA

    Welcome to PTC ASIA 2021 Our booth no.:E3-L15 Otc.26~29 2021 Shanghai New Int’l Expo Centre  
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  • PTC ASIA 2021

    Otc.26-29,2021 Shanghai New Int’l Expo Centre Our booth: E3-L15
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  • Function of hydraulic accessories

    Function of hydraulic accessories

     1.The oil tank in the hydraulic system is used to store the oil needed for normal operation, and it can emit the heat of the oil itself, separate the air dissolved into the oil, and precipitate the impurities contained in the oil. The material structure is generally welded by steel plate. The si...
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  • Precautions For Installation Of Accumulator

    Precautions For Installation Of Accumulator

    1.The accumulator should be installed far away from the heat source, and should be firmly fixed on the bracket or foundation, but should not be fixed by welding. 2. A check valve shall be set between the accumulator and the hydraulic pump to prevent the pressure oil of the accumulator from flowin...
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  • Precautions And Key Points For Filter Installation

    Precautions And Key Points For Filter Installation

    Generally speaking, the prefilter can filter out the large particles of sediment in water, clean domestic water, near Oh, conducive to people’s life and health. At the same time, the prefilter can also prevent and protect the water dispenser, coffee machine and other devices. In addition, t...
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